Best indie pc games

Best indie pc games

Time for next week with our performances. There weren’t many great games in this ranking that we’ll see in the most important resume yet. The choice this year was very difficult, but somehow we managed-we present you the 10 best indie pc games in 2016! As always, we ask for activity in the comments, as we’re really wondering which of the “turkeys” you liked the most.

Indie pc games

Aragami may not be a game for everyone. You should certainly have great patience with this stealth maintained in the climate of medieval Japan. Maybe a little monotonous mission, but it rewards us, of course, graphics and gameplay. One of the best indie pc games you can find.

Indie pc gamesIt was the police – I have to admit that This is the Police in many aspects drew attention to themselves in a negative light, but despite the fact that our actions in the flow of indie pc games history turned out to be in the end, it does not matter, it is the story itself, although it consists of a film, pleasant, and, on the contrary, is the main. In addition, the soundtrack is really good, jazz, Blues and classical music effectively supplemented gameplay, and the graphics, though not very complicated, then fit into the indie pc games face and also became at a high level. This is the Police-this is a good game of strategic and economic, it is a pity that so it can be accused.

Salt and Sanctuary is Dark Souls, only in 2D-very demanding bosses, a dark world that even tightens good indie pc games as much as Dark Souls, although it dies here very, very often. Not without some drawbacks well, I’ll start, but keep in mind that for Salt and Sanctuary responsibility was the Studio…so, the team consists of two people. Therefore, for such a good game and the work done, among them, of course, big applause.

Good indie pc games

Stardew Valley – Harvest Moon Formula was brought to Stardew Valley almost good indie pc games to perfection. Running your own farm doesn’t sound too exciting until the person starts playing this title. Juggling responsibilities stemming from our new profession and simultaneously trying to build friendships with locals is harder than the most challenging puzzles in logic games. We should also mention the constant support of the Creator of the game. Stardew Valley is developing along with time. In addition, it is a production in which it is possible to bend for long hours. Later our missus asks what we were doing and we can safely and proudly say we served chicken.

Good indie pc games

The Banner Saga 2 – stoic Studio Is a typical manufacturer of one best indie pc game brand. On his account have only a series of The Banner Saga. Vol… in General, this is not a problem, because their games are great! At your level – it is an absolute master, able to compete even with larger developers. The Banner Saga as an RPG copes very well. There are elements and worse, such as fighting, but a great story, atmosphere, new indie pc games dialogue and hand-drawn graphics is absolutely rewarded. Despite the fact that the game does not belong to the longest, it is really worth to get it. Previously acquainted with the predecessor, as the second part directly continues its storyline.

New indie pc games

Inside – I think this is exactly the Inside won when it comes to the best indie pc game of the year title”, “BA”, in total climbed higher than most of the games on AAA. PlayDead has prepared the story of a boy found in a world in which a significant proportion of people are in chains. These products are not quite that presented a truly masterful and quite unusual, and it also showed that words are not needed for anything. The graphics were excellent, and logic puzzles are able to chain you to the appropriate place for a long time. I hope that we will not wait too long for the next PlayDead products.

New indie pc gamesLayers of Fear we tested through, as evidenced by three reviews. This is one of the most climatic titles of recent years, and I can recommend it to all fans of adventure games, even those who do not like new indie pc games to be afraid. Not only that, Poland production is also this year’s best horror film, and the fact that the competition wasn’t too strong doesn’t affect the final grade. The game has an atmosphere, a good story, looks great, and the duration of the gameplay is suitable.

Darkest Dungeon – Games based on generated dungeons are abundant, but the developer of Red Hook Studios thanks to the original patents managed to create incredibly good products. All the mechanics, based on the fear of the heroes and the torch light, pull in and give the player a hard bone. The Studio from Canada offered demanding production which doesn’t forgive mistakes and doesn’t allow to feel safe. The enemy almost always has the advantage of attacking suddenly, and many elements depends on luck. In addition, in the Darkest Dungeon reigns incredibly dark climate, not enough original opponents, and the lecturer just sweeps…

Amazing pc games

Amazing pc games

SUPERHOT – For me it is one of the best Polish games of the last few months. If you haven’t played SUPERHOT yet-it’s a must – have-patent with the game, sometimes, don’t get bored for hours. This production absolutely deserved a place on a pedestal of a rating of amazing pc games. SUPERHOT is very innovative, exciting and incredibly playable. This is what makes this name so enjoyed it’s lightness and smoothness in movements. When the gun runs out of ammo, I throw the gun at the enemy, take his gun and pack it with lead hail. And missions in the Elevator I’ll never forget…

Firewatch – the most Important, in my opinion, element of any amazing pc games production is the plot. Of course, I pay attention to the rest of the aspects, because everything has to be completed, but it is the history that I pay the most attention to. That’s why Firewatch bought me, thanks to its history of a man who ran away from the problems in the woods to be her guardian for a while, and instead of the expected peace of mind met his unexpected and disturbing events. The graphic lamp and scenery that Firewatch has offered is fascinating, as is the soundtrack. It is a pity that the final was a disappointment, but that doesn’t change the fact that from indie games Firewatch is liked the most by our editorial team.

Skills required for such toys are only skills that psychology recognizes as building blocks of intelligence

Most search actions research video games, i.e. Games, in which the player has to move quickly, needs more information at the same time, remembering the large amount of information and making decisions in a fraction of a second. These tests usually work in two ways: questionnaires or experimental studies.

Most studies have shown that players perform better than any of the tests

Most studies have shown that players perform better than any of the tests

People who regularly participated in the study of correlations were compared with people who do not play games with certain perceptual and cognitive tests, but have similar features in other aspects. Most studies have shown that players perform better than any of the tests.

This suggests that video games are the cause of better performance, but this does not prove because it is possible that people who have opted for video games have previously had better detection and cognitive abilities. The best proof is that video games develop these skills derived from attempts to come, which initially none of the participants was a player, and then I asked some of them, because of the experience they play a special daily video games for a few hours to several days.

In these experiments, it was generally found that those who play video games develop into some basic perceptual and cognitive skills, whereas members of the control group do not. The following are some observations from some of these experiments in the abstracts Eichenbaum et al. References to observations are in each case original research.

Other adults with the same disorders also had other activities, such as knitting, television

Other adults with the same disorders also had other activities, such as knitting, television

Better visual perception

Better contrast visual perception and fifty hours of video games (distributed over ten to twelve weeks) improved contrast detection (in gray hues honors) sensitivity to the control group members. Effective treatment of amblyopia. Amblyopia is an early childhood disorder in which one eye practically does not fulfill its function.

Li and his colleagues conducted experiments in which adults who were diagnosed with the disorder had video games using only stormy eyes (their working eyes were blocked). Other adults with the same disorders also had other activities, such as knitting, television.

Measurements have shown that players have evolved a lot – often reaching a normal or near-normal level – while those who did other activities have not progressed. A group of video players, many agree 20/20 as or even better rated than previously lazy eyes and visual attention, as well as a stereo vision (the ability to get involved to be able to see the depth based on information obtained from the two front) has grown to a normal level.

Treatment of dyslexia Dislexia, at least in some cases, seems to be a problem of visual attention

Treatment of dyslexia Dislexia, at least in some cases, seems to be a problem of visual attention

Improvement of attention and vigilance. It was found that those who played video games did better on these tests, where the task was to quickly find a goal in a field full of confusing factors. This test is considered a good predictor of driving ability. Improving the ability to recognize objects moving in a field filled with factors that interfere with Action Games has improved the ability of children and adults to track many moving objects that are visually identical to other objects moving in the same field of view.

Decreasing the players operating in the Impulse Action mode was better placed on those tests that did not react to the situation in which the most stimulating reactions were desired, but the stimulator did not respond. Treatment of dyslexia Dislexia, at least in some cases, seems to be a problem of visual attention.

Studies have shown that 12 hours of video games have improved the results of children with dyslexia in reading and soundtracks. The improvement was at least as good or better as the improvement achieved thanks to the specially designed training program for dyslexia.


Teachers, psychologists, anthropologists and game researchers have long discussed the consequences of video games

However, they are an undeniable advantage of their skills and, apart from educational work, they are exploited, used,integrated with the teaching process and determining the possibilities for electronic forms of work in addition to potential negative effects and stereotypes. Orsolya Kasza, the largest publisher of foreign games, Electronic Arts in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, is responsible for our questions: has EA made its own survey and research on the effects of video games?

There are several cases in which video games are used in classrooms for didactic purposes in classrooms

There are several cases in which video games are used in classrooms for didactic purposes in classrooms

Yes, EA carries out many own research to make the best use of the reach, needs and preferences of our target recipients and to meet the growing expectations of our clients. As part of our research, we naturally study the impact of individual games on users and, according to the knowledge of results, the classification of each new publication of our age. How do you assess your impact on users?

According to our experience, the video game is no longer a lonely, isolated activity that we talk about ten years ago. Thanks to technical progress, not only the gameplay in our games has gone through amazing development, but also topics, service and usability of games. Let me give an example: Some of our products can see the light of day under the brand EA Sports, and almost all popular makes a virtual version of the sport available to the user, so for example, the last track from the FIFA series can be great fun for the participants gathering friends.

In computer games, electronic forms of work will not be foreign to children, they are integrated in the teaching process – can you say that video games are almost ready for children for virtual life? Yes, that’s right. There are several cases in which video games are used in classrooms for didactic purposes in classrooms.

Indeed, aggressive users choose aggressive games

Indeed, aggressive users choose aggressive games

Recently, for example, he invented a computer game called Spore, developed for the theory of evolution, which was used in many schools as a demonstration tool in biology classes. On the other hand, it has been specially designed to support the latest games for its online registration or on-line multiplayer modes (ie the ability to play against each other on the Internet), which clearly shows the endless possibilities in the online world of users, so children.

What are the important age restrictions for users? This question is best compared to the age rating of movies and TV movies. In the case of video games, the parent is also responsible for maintaining the visibility of age and age on the packaging and paying attention to the child, unfortunately the publisher is not able to check this after purchase.

However, as it is important for the game to be the right player, we try to include the age rating of the product in addition to the game packaging, as well as certain elements of our marketing communication. Chicken Eggs: Psychologists say that aggression is the source of aggression, while some scientists say that games do not generate any tension and that they draw them out.

Indeed, aggressive users choose aggressive games. Where can it be true?
I have heard many different points of view on this subject. I believe that it is not possible to unambiguously identify a specific aggressive event, action or reason for action and catch a shooting action or shooter.

Research suggests that video game activity improves basic mental abilities

Research suggests that video game activity improves basic mental abilities

What’s more, our experience shows that games can develop strategic player skills, speed, creativity, language skills and computer skills, turn people away and distract from everyday problems with tension. Sports games or action games can become the focal point of social gatherings and programs, and of course not only to gain new friends and friends via the Internet.

Research suggests that video game activity improves basic mental abilities.

In two of my previous articles, I summarized provocative evidence of widespread concerns about video games (i.e., addicted and spread such wounds as social isolation, obesity or violence). I also pointed out that computer games can develop logical skills, read, implement and even social skills of children. Evidence has evolved since then, especially in relation to the impact of such games on cognitive skills.

The last issue of the American Games Journal (2014 fall) has been subscribed by Adam Eischenbaum Daphne Bavelier and article C. Shawn Green researchers, who summarizes According to the latest research, long-term positive effects of video games for various skills such as perception, attention, memory and decision making.

Lord Brocket

Fifty-two year old Charlie ¨C also known as Sir Charles Ronald George Nall-Cain, Third Baron Brocket, had no idea what he was letting himself in for by agreeing to take part in 2004s “Im a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here” on ITV1 ¨C he has not seen a single episode of the hit series and had never heard of Ant and Dec before agreeing to take part in the hit show!

But he didnt feel he was at a disadvantage for not having seen the show. As an old-Etonian and ex-convict, he felt that his lifes experiences have more than prepared him for the hardships of the jungle.

Lord Brocket hit the headlines when he was sent to prison after being found guilty of conspiracy to defraud an insurance company. He served two and a half years in seven prisons. The former army lieutenant says his time in prison was something which, whilst he wouldnt wish to repeat it, made him a much better person, with a much greater tolerance of others.

Lord Brocket His experiences form part of his fascinating life story. His father died when he was just 9 years old. The title of Lord Brocket passed to him at the age of 21 when his grandfather died and he inherited the crumbling ruin, Brocket Hall. But his grandfather left him in poverty. Brocket borrowed some money from an American bank (no British bank would touch him) and he set about converting his home into one of the worlds foremost hotel and conference venues. Friends were invited to weekend demolition parties to smash down walls, rewire the electrics and rebuild the antiquated plumbing. Today, Lord Brocket still owns the Hall, in Hertfordshire, which is worth an estimated 542 million. It is rented out on a long-term lease to a German consortium.

At the age of 29, Lord Brocket married his wife Isa, then one of the worlds foremost models. They had three children, Alexander, Antalya and William. But few people realised that whilst they were one of the richest and most famous couples in Britain, their marriage was falling apart and his wife had become addicted to painkillers.

In the Eighties, he started to buy classic Ferraris as an investment. They increased their value tenfold in just a couple of years and his bank funded him to develop a proper business buying and selling Ferraris. Then the classic car industry collapsed virtually overnight and the bank reclaimed the loan ¨C and planned to seize Brocket Hall.

Faced with losing his family home and business, Lord Brocket made what he now says was the most foolish and wrong decision of his life, for which he will always be desperately sorry. He and his wife and two mechanics arranged to have four Ferraris dismantled, pretended they had been stolen, then they put in an insurance claim of 54.5 million. In fact, he never collected any of the money because the bank came up with a rescue package and the insurance claim was withdrawn. Nothing would have happened had Isa not later been arrested for forging drug prescriptions and she told the police about the plot. Brocket was arrested and imprisoned for conspiracy to fraud. Whilst inside, he was stabbed and narrowly escaped with his life ¨C and he established friendships and relationships which endure to this day.

He now lives in London, works as an architect and also gets an income from his ancestral home.

He has written his autobiography, which he hopes will be released later in 2004, and he is also in talks with a number of film companies about a screenplay of his adventures.Lord Brocket is brought to you in agreement with his personal manager, Nicola Ibison.

Jock Clear

If you need someone to help you to race to the top, get Jock!

Jock needs no introduction, born in Portsmouth. Obtaining a degree in Mechanical Engineering (B.Eng hons) from Herriot-Watt University 1987. Jock started his career in racing in 1989 as a Junior Designer for Lola Cars (Indy cars etc). He moved to Benetton Formula 1 where he worked as a Design Engineer. In 1991 he joined the team for the Lotus Grand Prix as Senior Designer and progressed to the position of Race Engineer to Johnny Herbert in 1994 for the Lotus Grand Prix team
Jock Clear
His engineering expertise was well renowned and in 1995 he became Race Engineer to David Coulthard for the F1 Williams Grand Prix team, in a year Coulthard came 3rd in the drivers championship and 2nd in the constructors championship. In 1999 he entered the British American Racing Championship.

Jock highlights his talks in an entertaining fashion drawing on his experiences working closely with F1 drivers and F1 teams. His talks generate a lot of interest and inspire good discussion on topics of team working, communication, motivation, and goal focusing. If you need someone to help you to race to the top, get Jock!

Derek Hatton 

Even Maggie must have been impressed.

Derek Hatton has emerged as one of Britain’s foremost Chat Radio Hosts with his entertaining daily show on Talk Radio.

He also had an outstanding changeover from “left wing loony” to a businessman and style guru; and has also become one of the country’s most popular after dinner speakers, with his repertoire of highly fascinating stories that culminates in an entertaining question and answer session.

Corporate business, conference organizers and celebrity dinners at golf clubs have increasingly used Derek’s services. And recent engagements have taken him as far as Dubai and Ireland and to the Top Hole Business Club in the House of Commons.

Having first achieved major publicity after his election to Liverpool City Council in 1979 he quickly became a massive irritant to Maggie and became the well-known dissident voice of Liverpool on a variety of issues before becoming the City’s deputy leader in 1983.

In his post he appeared regularly on TV, not only across the table from Margaret Thatcher and most of her cabinet, but also Neil Kinnock and much of the leadership of the Labour Party.

Derek Hatton Derek was a regular on the likes of Wogan, Jonathan Ross, Question Time, Face the Press and many, many more. He soon became a champion for Liverpool.

Whilst Derek recalls amusing stories from this period but he himself no longer holds any party political loyalties and his speeches are never political.

Derek is still adept at debating and is often invited to take part in both Oxford and Cambridge Debating Societies.

Tony Robinson 

Tony Robinson’s election to the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee is just the latest in a string of successes for the diminutive actor.

Besides his blossoming political career there is Channel 4’s cult archaeology series, Time Team, which has excavated everything from Hadrian’s Wall to a crashed Spitfire.

He has written 16 children’s books and has undertaken charity work for Oxfam and Comic Relief. 

Tony Robinson’s stage career started at 12 when, playing a member of Fagin’s gang in a West End production of Oliver!, he was catapulted into the role of The Artful Dodger when the boy playing him, as Robinson remembers, ‘bunked off’.

This led to a spell at London’s Central School of Speech and Drama and fringe theatre. Then, in 1983, everything changed. Richard Curtis, of Four Weddings and a Funeral fame, approached the then almost unknown actor to take on the role for which he will always be known, that of Edmund Blackadder’s sidekick, Baldrick.

Tony Robinson It was Curtis who encouraged Tony Robinson to write, made him feel comfortable with his predominantly Oxbridge counterparts and involved him in Comic Relief. Oxfam’s Claire Lewis praises the actor’s involvement, especially in the On The Line project which links people in Europe and Africa. ‘He’s very intelligent and always asks the right questions. I love him.’

For his part, Tony Robinson says that the most moving moment of his life was when he saw a dying child revived thanks to a rehydration pack which cost 20 pence.

Household fame, though, did not extend to everyone. Mick Aston, Professor of Landscape Archaeology at the University of Bristol, and one of Tony Robinson’s Time Team colleagues, first met him while running an educational visit to the Greek island of Santorini in the mid-eighties which Robinson attended. ‘Everyone was saying: ‘It’s him off Blackadder.’ I didn’t know who he was as I’d never seen it’, recalls Aston.

‘During the Santorini visit we got talking and Tony said, ‘Let’s make a TV show on archaeology.” The two men became great friends and, five years later when the idea for Time Team was being put together, Tony Robinson, with his educational pedigree, was the obvious choice to present it.

Tony Robinson has been a long-standing commitment to the Labour Party and the actors’ union, Equity. His four years as vice-chairman were politically rough. Open warfare broke out between those, including Tony Blair’s father-in-law Tony Booth, who wanted Equity to remain non-political, and New Labour activists like Tony Robinson and former EastEnders star Michael Cashman MEP who, their opponents claim, are seeking to affiliate the union to the party.

In other ways, his time at Equity brought great success. It was restructured, and a half a million pound deficit turned into a small surplus. ‘He was great behind the scenes,’ says Equity’s Martin Brown, ‘helping us to find new ways of doing old things.’