Derek Hatton 

Even Maggie must have been impressed.

Derek Hatton has emerged as one of Britain’s foremost Chat Radio Hosts with his entertaining daily show on Talk Radio.

He also had an outstanding changeover from “left wing loony” to a businessman and style guru; and has also become one of the country’s most popular after dinner speakers, with his repertoire of highly fascinating stories that culminates in an entertaining question and answer session.

Corporate business, conference organizers and celebrity dinners at golf clubs have increasingly used Derek’s services. And recent engagements have taken him as far as Dubai and Ireland and to the Top Hole Business Club in the House of Commons.

Having first achieved major publicity after his election to Liverpool City Council in 1979 he quickly became a massive irritant to Maggie and became the well-known dissident voice of Liverpool on a variety of issues before becoming the City’s deputy leader in 1983.

In his post he appeared regularly on TV, not only across the table from Margaret Thatcher and most of her cabinet, but also Neil Kinnock and much of the leadership of the Labour Party.

Derek Hatton Derek was a regular on the likes of Wogan, Jonathan Ross, Question Time, Face the Press and many, many more. He soon became a champion for Liverpool.

Whilst Derek recalls amusing stories from this period but he himself no longer holds any party political loyalties and his speeches are never political.

Derek is still adept at debating and is often invited to take part in both Oxford and Cambridge Debating Societies.

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