Jock Clear

If you need someone to help you to race to the top, get Jock!

Jock needs no introduction, born in Portsmouth. Obtaining a degree in Mechanical Engineering (B.Eng hons) from Herriot-Watt University 1987. Jock started his career in racing in 1989 as a Junior Designer for Lola Cars (Indy cars etc). He moved to Benetton Formula 1 where he worked as a Design Engineer. In 1991 he joined the team for the Lotus Grand Prix as Senior Designer and progressed to the position of Race Engineer to Johnny Herbert in 1994 for the Lotus Grand Prix team
Jock Clear
His engineering expertise was well renowned and in 1995 he became Race Engineer to David Coulthard for the F1 Williams Grand Prix team, in a year Coulthard came 3rd in the drivers championship and 2nd in the constructors championship. In 1999 he entered the British American Racing Championship.

Jock highlights his talks in an entertaining fashion drawing on his experiences working closely with F1 drivers and F1 teams. His talks generate a lot of interest and inspire good discussion on topics of team working, communication, motivation, and goal focusing. If you need someone to help you to race to the top, get Jock!

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