Shopping online – step by step. Buyer’s ALPHABET online

According to the Gemius report “E-commerce in Poland 2018” up to 56 percent. Polish Internet users prefer to shop online. What encourages us to this form of purchase? What to watch and remember when we add a product to the cart?

The same study showed that more than 26%. respondents believe e-shopping in complete safety, and almost half – too simple and uncomplicated. In fact, just a few clicks and data entry, and it does not matter at what time of day or night, to a few days to enjoy the ordered product.

We save time but also money because prices in online stores are very often reset compared to products available offline. Sellers are well aware of how profitable the market is e-commerce, so at every step use a variety of marketing tricks to attract customers to yourself. Fortunately, when shopping online we have more time to consider the pros and cons and reconsider the purchase.

How, therefore, can the consumer find online purchase offers in the jungle?

Cost of delivery

  • Priceless comfort on the Internet is the ability to compare prices for goods in different stores. Just use the comparison, with which one click go to the side with the best offer. However, comparisons show products sorted by prices that take into account the most favorable shipping cost. Shops, as a rule, offer several delivery options-courier, parcels, reception at the kiosk. Some of them guarantee free shipping, but with a certain amount of purchases.
  • Before offering a comparison and adding to your cart a seemingly cheapest product, see how much SORIANoticias it will cost with your chosen intake option. It can quickly turn out that the cheapest choice is not the same, and more you will save if you decide to deal with another store.


There are not enough pages containing discount codes that you can use by entering them in the appropriate field on the site – after adding the purchase to the cart. If you care about the funds, it is worth subscribing to the newsletter of your favorite online stores. Sometimes, adding to the newsletter you get a discount. Stores regularly report promotions for certain products, so it’s worth keeping an eye on the emails they send to use the price reduction.

Shopping online - step by step. Buyer's ALPHABET online

A trusted seller

Before you decide on a deal in this store, make sure that it has quality marks and certificates confirming its reliability, such as the quality mark of a bona Fide Company. See if the store provides accurate contact information, return policies, and rules. Read reviews from other users-for example, on Facebook of a particular entrepreneur.

However, don’t trust all the positive reviews endlessly, as many stores prefer to advance through whisper marketing and buy back the positive voices praising the services and products on the net. Always use from parties that have an SSL certificate that ensures a secure Internet connection and the privacy of the data you enter. The site with such a certificate you will learn by the green padlock that displays on the panel with “https”. As a buyer, you should pay attention to whether your information lands on a secure website.


The above advice regarding an SSL certificate that encrypts sensitive data is also important for online payments. Depending on the store and the severity of the sales platform, we may be doomed to only one type of payment or choose from several. One thing is certain – entrepreneurs come out in this regard to meet the expectations of consumers.

One of the ways to make purchases on the Internet, payment card.

This type of payment must enter your card number, expiration date and CVV2 code, located on the right side of the panel, on the other side of the card (where your signature is located). To secure transactions, Your Bank may contact us for additional approval of payments, for example, using a password sent by SMS or push notifications in the Bank’s mobile application. In the case of Visa cards, this mechanism is called Verified by Visa.

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